I’m Holly Maree

The highly sought after teacher of the world’s only official Human Design Manifestor community!

I’m a 4/6 Splenic Manifestor and Spiritual Teacher passionate about bringing transformation to Manifestors and guiding them through the path of release, teaching them to step powerfully into their soul-aligned purpose + divine mission. 

I’m a qualified Breathwork, EFT + Meditation practitioner, a clinical Hypnotherapist and a certified Human Design teacher.

I may well be the only Aussie you ever meet (we are a pretty quiet, relaxed bunch!) so G’Day from the land down under! I am a married mumma of 3, spending my days with the Projector husband + my Projector, Generator and Manifestor kids (yep, I have my own Minifestor!). I live in the quiet hills outside Canberra, the capitol of Australia. 

I spent most of my Manifestor journey desperately searching for an aligned Manifestor that I could look to as an example. Someone who I could see being powerful, aligned and doing their Manifestor thing. But I never found one. Pretty hard when we are only 9% of the population and we live behind closed auras, right?

- Sharon -

Holly's reading of me was spot on! I'm someone who is open to new experiences, but I need some "proof" that they are valuable, useful. I was BLOWN AWAY by the accuracy of Holly's reading. I just had it done this week and already feel the truths working in my self-experience. I want to get this done for my friends and family. Invaluable!

Ready to dive deeper into your Manifestor journey? 

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